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welcome to badidol's take away store Hi, you've just entered badidol's take away store / coma stuff area.
This area will grow and grow bigger as time goes by. As for now you might find it a little...yeah...but except for that little thingy it's a nice little piece of html and css.
What can be found here:

  • contact information (look to the left)
  • Application form for
  • a lot of rhethorical bullshit
  • $insertwhateveryouwant

imgLeft example Since you're here already you could also just read this:
No, I will not equip your char faster just because you now found a way to poke me faster (oh come on, those mail addies were known anyway...). Also I can not be held responsible for the dumbness and stupidity of users, meaning: if you can't find the things mentioned in the 'what can be found here' list above you're probably just blind - to use something more polite than dumb or stupid :) Also I will not publish nekkids of other CoMas here, stop asking me for that!
I might, however, publish some nekkids of myself if I'll ever decide that it's time to kill people just by showing them pix of me. In that case: I was young and needed the money so I can not be held responsible for any damage you might conceive by looking at things I publish on these little sites :)

more cool info There is no cool info.

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